About Us :

Sadhana Audio is a small company that started as an idea back in 1984. It has taken many long and winding years to finally be able to bring our products to life. It is always striving to bring that 'high end" sound quality that multi thousand dollar systems seem to possess. It takes a significant investment in both time and effort not to mention persistence to translate those ideas or 'hunch' into reality.

No matter, we will push on despite the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been heart wrenching for the devastating losses, and ravages of time on a lot of people we have met along the way, and our friends and fellow music lovers.

It matters not what, where or how you enjoy, listen, sing, etc. or make music, it matters that you do, in your own way. This is what we are grateful for, having met so many wonderful and diverse people who love and enjoy music. This is our way of thanking all of you, and why we decided on the name - sadhana. And audio it is.

If you would like to know more about how and why we decided to start Sadhana Audio, please visit our blog post...

Contact Us :

Please leave us an email message so that we can get back to you. Email is the fastest and surest way to get an answer. It is our pledge that your personal email will only be used for communications and not for marketing purposes.