A journey long in the making..

The origin of Sadhana Audio

E. Walter J.

2/12/2022 1 min read

It was sometime in 1984 that the guardian of one of my best friends, Dr. Y. C. Lee first intrigued me with an offer. Tim had mentioned that his guardian YC, had a really good sound system. I was intrigued as I had only been listen to music over the radio and on cassette tapes. I have dabbled in music since a young age, taking up the piano and then the guitar (acoustic) , drum kit and much later the electric guitar.

Needless to say, Tim asked YC if I could listen to YC's system. YC extended the invitation, and I gladly accepted. It was my first time experiencing what a really good system ( to me ..) could do.

YC made me sit in the 'special' seat in front of some massive speakers, dimmed the lights and told me to close my eyes. YC had warmed up the system for 30 mins prior and now proceeded to place the phono cartridge on the Sheffield Lab record. I was literally stunned, amazed and speechless at what was the defining moment that audio became a permanent, overwhelming drive and inseparable part of my life.

I felt that I could stand up and walk around each and every musician and singer. It was that visceral and to my ears, genuine in conveying the emotion and the presence of what was a stunning record. Nothing like the sound in the background out of a small single driver radio in mono. This was the defining moment in my life, and I have been chasing it ever since.